Load Variable.mat

Hello, maybe it is a bug. I saved my variables in Scilab 2023.1 with


If i double click in the File Browser on this file “variables.mat” it runs the command

Error: Unsupported input file data type: ‘HDF’.

Following command is the working solution:


So why is scilab not using this command, if I double click on “vatiables.mat” inside the File Browser Window?


loadmatfile load files using the Matlab data format. When you type


your current user variables are saved in the Scilab format, regardless of the filename extension. If you need to share data with Matlab use savematfile instead. Since the filebrowser is aware of the extension, if you want to load your Scilab data files with a double click use the legal .sod (Scilab Open Data) extension (see save - Saves some chosen variables in a binary data file)