Why " end " is showing an error in scilab?

SCGNC_Kalman_Filter_Utils.sce (569 Bytes)
The error is below

→ exec(‘/Users/vimalchawda/Desktop/spacecraft-gnc-tbx/macros/SCGNC_Kalman_Filter_Utils.sce’, -1)
at line 26 of executed file /Users/vimalchawda/Desktop/spacecraft-gnc-tbx/macros/SCGNC_Kalman_Filter_Utils.sce

*** B_orig = reshape(C(prod(size_A)+1:end), size_B);***
*** ^~~^***
Error: syntax error, unexpected end

Can anyone please explain me reasons?


end is a Scilab keyword used to indicate the end of a block (if, for, function, etc…). Your code uses this keyword in an invalid location thus producing a syntax error.

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Thank you sir, resolved.