How to access the last indices in scilab vector?

There is “…end” function for MATLAB but there is anything for Scilab ?
B_orig = reshape(C(prod(size_A)+1:end), size_B); Here there is end use to access the last the elements of the vector. So anyone can guide me?

function [A_orig, B_orig] = reverseAndReshape(C, size_A, size_B)
    % Reshape the vector back into the original matrix form
    A_orig = reshape(C(1:prod(size_A)), size_A);
    B_orig = reshape(C(prod(size_A)+1:end), size_B);

I found the answer . please find the attachment link. Anser is $ .
end (Matlab variable) - Last index (

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Hi Vimsrocz

Good you found the answer.

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