Plot low value bug?


The following code gives strange results (Scilab version
“”, on Ubuntu 22.04)


the y-axis and the y_ticks are not only limited to the the graphic window. It works fine with higher values.
Is it a bug with low value?



Thanks for posting in Scilab’s discourse !

The problem you ar reporting is a very old/annoying bug (see plot2d([1 2]*1e-14): Y-axis extending out of its range for small Y values (#16029) · Issues · scilab / scilab · GitLab) your command:


yields the following plot in Scilab 6.1.1:

This bug has been fixed 2 month ago (see Fix #16029: tick marks were out of range for small scale plots (!4) · Merge requests · scilab / scilab · GitLab) and this plot will be OK in Scilab 2023.0 (below plot has been made with a recent continuous build of Scilab):