Modelica translator error message


OK, everything is OK with “basic” dynamic link, so it seems to be another issue. Can you give all the lines printed on Scilab command line during the failed compilation of the RLC Modelica demo ? Lines start with:

 Main Modelica :...
Flat Modelica :...../
 Simulation C code :..../RLC_Modelica_im.c
   Generate a loader file
   Generate a Makefile
   ilib_gen_Make: Copy compilation files (Makefile*, libtool...) to TMPDIR
   ilib_gen_Make: Copy RLC_Modelica_im.c to TMPDIR
   ilib_gen_Make: configure : Generate Makefile.
   ilib_gen_Make: Modification of the Makefile in TMPDIR.
   Running the Makefile

The part of the log giving more details is after “Running the Makefile”.

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