Mimic EXCEL macro by Scilab for point import into CATIA

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importing a huge number of point-coordinates from a existing ascii file into CATIA (CAD-software) can be a bit tricky.

Although CATIA allows stl import (and other formats) the result is a point cloud / mesh, which is difficult to process further.

In other words: The result is somewhat different from a nativly defined point using the dedicated CATIA point definition function.

A way around this is to use a free available EXCEL file.

In the EXCEL file point coordinates can be written in the cells of an EXCEL sheet.
A macro inside the EXCEL file can than be used to export the data into CATIA.

Thanks to the Scilab toolbox xlreadwrite it is possible to transfer point coordinates from an ascii file to an EXCEL file. From there it is possible to transfer the coordinates into CATIA.

My question: Is it in general possible to mimic a EXCEL macro in Scilab?

Goal: Directly export data from Scilab into CATIA.

Some links to a description for the work around with EXCEL is here:

As one can see, it is not only possible to import single point coordinates, but also splines and surfaces.

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IMHO the best way to export data to CATIA should be to directly use the 3dxml format (see Downloads) as Scilab has all the required tools to create xml files. Of course, working with an already written template should help a lot!


Hallo Stéphane,

Thank you for the suggestion.

to my knowlegde, 3dxml is great for data viewing & sharing (without revealing the construction process) but not for construction itself.

If one wants to use 3dxml as a basis for further construction - IMHO - one has to

  • save the 3dxml file as cgr
  • reload the cgr-file into CATIA
  • find a way to convert the cgr-data into useful shapes

Also, after a small experiment:

  • construct a point in CATIA
  • save the construction as 3dXML // have a 3dxml basis
  • load the 3dxml file
    → the point is lost (not included in the 3dxml)

see image below:

  • left: CATIA dummy construction including a single point (= white x)
  • right: imported 3dxml file

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Hello Philipp,

Data exchange between CATIA and Scilab should be an easy task for 3DS engineers, let us hope that some of them read this forum!